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Dennis has a wide range of experience in the fire service,  served in agencies from small to large, plus operating a fire stream development consulting company natinwide over the past 7 years.  The goal is to guide attendees through the 1000+ page three part study.   From “Water Mapping” to “Air Entrainment” to the “Full Scale Burns”   There is very significant information to be captured from these studies.  This information will lead to better preservation of life and property by your agency if understood properly.

“Water Mapping”:   Where and what does your water impact from a handline.  What does pattern of stream impact: Solid, Straight, Fog?  General concepts of water application on plane, off plane, and base fire extinguishment.  The Pros and Cons of different approaches.

“Air Entrainment”:  All nozzle move air when flowing water, how much, when is it a pro and when is it a con?  Some pattern selections with nozzle movements equal the amount of CFM of a gas power blower.  Does your agency allow targeted search or VE”I”S.  Could this impact search crews operating in front of a handline?   If you flow in a manner that maximizes air you give up reach, is there a benefit?

“Full Scale Burns”    What is the main driver of injury and death in the in the structure? Does elevation of the victim package effect it? Temperature rebound during hit and move vs flow and move.  Transitional attack PRO and CONS vs immediate interior attack.  Door control is it necessary at all time or could that member be used for other more critical tasks, when and when not to?  Tank attack how safe is it, limitation? Time, rebound, knockback vs knock down vs base fire extinguishment.

Putting it all together.   Using a series of videos and discussion with attendees the instructor will try to develop a base level of knowledge and understanding of the  data from the report.  This will lead to a greater ability to properly apply water on the fire ground from master stream to handline maximizing your abilities as a professional fire service member to get the most out of your equipment and personnel. This is a one of a kind class and not to be missed from the firefighter rank to chief of the department, there are items here that will aid you in suppression, from application of water to buying equipment to considerations around operations, you will leave better off.

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