2021 marks the 20th anniversary of September 11th 2001. One of the many lost that day was Lt. Andrew Fredericks. As a firefighter with the FDNY and Suffern NY, Andy put the lives of citizens first. As one of the fire services’ seminal authors and instructors, he expanded his life saving responsibilities through improving understanding of the modern fire environment and the importance of proper fire suppression techniques from coast to coast.

Posthumously his teachings are continuously referenced and discovered by many firefighters making positive change in themselves, their departments and in their communities. Since 2001 we have referred to those extensions of Andy’s message as “Andy’s Ambassadors”. Nearly 20 years later the network of Andy’s Ambassadors circles the globe.

With this ever growing group and a tip of the helmet to one of Andy’s most recognized works “Little Drops of Water: 50 Years Later”, we have commissioned these coins and inscribed them with “All great floods begin with little drops of water”