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FireNuggets has been the 501(c)3 not for profit organization focused on providing high quality, affordable training to North America’s firefighters since 2000.
There are several ways you can support our great organization.

Our members volunteer their time to empower firefighters to get training on the ground in their region.

100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly towards funding high quality, affordable training on the ground for North American firefighters.

Every $100 dollars donated pays for one firefighter to receive a day of training!


Each registration helps contribute to building this great organization. We are truly by firefighters, for firefighters.


Need some training in your area? We can help! We have relationships with instructors across the Country, let us connect you with the right instructor(s) for your event.

We have been coordinating training since 2000 and have hundreds of reps under our belt. We can help you plan, coordinate and/or run your event.

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Our team is built of amazing volunteers that dedicate their time to giving back to the greatest profession in the world. Want to join our team? Give us a shout!

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Our Directors

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Eric Widget
Eric WidgetCEO & Founder
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Helen Parkins
Helen ParkinsCTO & Partner
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Jason Response
Jason ResponseCFO & Partner
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