Affiliate Overview

If you are consistently hosting more than three classes per year or one+ larger annual event, starting an affiliate may be the right move.

A FireNuggets affiliate is established under the national organization and can operate as a 501(c)3 in your State. Affiliates are carefully vetted and approved by the Board of Directors to ensure the firefighters involved will uphold the FireNuggets ethos.

Affiliates routinely partner with fire departments and other training groups to facilitate training for a region.

Planning & Admin.

Affiliates have access to tools that help organize and advertise an event.

From budget templates to event planning checklists to registration and advertising, we have hundreds of “reps” in getting great training on the streets. We’ve taken all the lessons learned and incorporated them in these documents and processes.

Join the Network

Once accepted as an affiliate, you will become connected to a community that is full of like-minded firefighters that are coordinating training across the United States.

Yup, let’s do it!

If you are seriously interested in starting an affiliate, please send us a message.