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Spend four days in one of the most engaging supervisor development courses you can find. Leave with knowledge and tools that you can apply to your leading environment your very next tour. In May, begin by discussing how your DISC personality assessment impacts your ability to communicate and how to more effectively interface with the 75% of the population who scores differently than you.

Gallup G12 Gallup’s employee engagement work is based on more than 30 years of in depth behavioral research involving more than 35 million employees. Gallup has identified 12 core elements — the Q12 — that link powerfully to employee engagement and satisfaction. You will spend time understanding the Q12 are and how to use them in your current professional role.

In June we will break in two cohorts and work through some critical leader scenarios; onboarding a new member to your firehouse, setting expectations, recognizing members when they exceed standards and engaging members who act with dysfunctional behavior. For each scenario you will be provided a job aid, so you know what right looks like, and you will be actively coached on each rep. You will get the opportunity to run each scenario multiple times.

This is a dynamic, discussion-based class full of applicable information that will help you better engage with your subordinates, peers and supervisors.

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