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Taking inspiration from his own leadership philosophy of training, teamwork, and mentorship, Chief Leeb will share the principles he learned during his more than 40 years in the fire service. These principles have been the cornerstones of his leadership as he ascended the ranks of the FDNY. These principles have also served as the foundation of his book “Cornerstones of Leadership, On and Off the Fireground.” During this presentation, Chief Leeb will demonstrate how these lessons are transferable to any occupation or industry looking for self-improvement or organizational advancement.Chief Leeb will discuss the importance of training and teamwork and share insights and lessons learned on incidents where training and teamwork were essential for successful outcomes. With dedication to predicting, preventing and preparing for the possible, Chief Leeb emphasizes how passion for the job paired with continual improvement in skills and knowledge are the keys to a winning mindset on the fireground. Are you prepared for the possible? Because on game day, the time to prepare has passed.

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