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This two-day program will provide leaders with scripts and tactics for handling a comprehensive array of employee relations issues. With these tools, they can handle these issues with sensitivity, good judgment, and high confidence. Instead of being told “what not to do,” leaders learn “what to do.”

This results in employees being treated fairly and they perceive that they are being treated fairly. Lawsuits are then avoided rather than won.

You avoid hearing “You should have anticipated this” after an avoidable legal claim.

Stay Out of Court: Winning, settling, and losing lawsuits are always regrettable experiences for both leaders and employees.

Employees have the right to be kept free from discrimination, and employers have the right to exercise customary managerial functions. The courts are equally protective of the rights of employees and employers:

Practical Training: A courtroom is the wrong place for employees to find all this out.

Leaders who base their decisions on attendance, performance, and conduct prevent employer and personal liability.


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