Mile High Firefighters Conference

>> Register Here << Welcome to MHFC 2023! We’re excited to host another great event coming this fall.  We’ve made some slight changes

Mile High Firefighters Conference2023-08-19T14:38:41-07:00

Mountain West Fire Conference

>> Register Here << Journey to Pocatello, Idaho the Gateway to the Northwest to better your craft and build camaraderie with your

Mountain West Fire Conference2023-03-11T12:50:26-08:00

Lake Effect Fire Conference

>> Register Here << This fourth-annual Lake Effect Fire Conference is quite simply aligned with the mission of Fire Nuggets, and our

Lake Effect Fire Conference2024-02-11T17:09:39-08:00

Forge the Basics

>> Register Here << This 2-day HOT Class is designed to get you back to the basics of firefighting. It consists of

Forge the Basics2023-01-29T10:21:25-08:00

BIB Trade School

>> Register Here << Day 1: Winning on the Fireground - This class is a deep dive into our mission and priorities.

BIB Trade School2023-01-29T10:01:20-08:00

Bay Area Firefighter’s Conference

  >>Register Here<< Coordinated Ventilation, Nick Papa Truck Tactics, Nick Esposito Fireground Leadership, Mickey Conboy, Ed Thomas, John Fenzel, Tony Smerdel Lessons

Bay Area Firefighter’s Conference2022-11-15T23:31:15-08:00
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