Man Vs. Machine

>> Register Here << Students are instructed on methods they can use to disentangle victims from a variety of situations. Basic techniques

Man Vs. Machine2023-03-11T12:26:44-08:00

Confined Space Rescue Technian

>> Register Here <<  This class is an intensive hands-on training program that is designed to provide the student the knowledge, skills,

Confined Space Rescue Technian2023-02-14T18:16:35-08:00

Shoreline Truck Academy

>> Register Here << The SHORELINE TRUCK ACADEMY is a five day (40 hour) physically demanding course designed for experienced firefighters to

Shoreline Truck Academy2023-02-16T16:21:42-08:00

Lake Effect Fire Conference

>> Register Here << This third annual Lake Effect Fire Conference is quite simply aligned with the mission of Fire Nuggets, and

Lake Effect Fire Conference2023-03-23T20:14:01-07:00

The Big Sky Fire Conference

>> Register Here << Lecture and HOT with Dennis LeGear, Jason Fullmer, Kyle Romagus, Gino Galli, & Travis Tygielski and Brothers in

The Big Sky Fire Conference2023-02-11T08:24:11-08:00

Forge the Basics

>> Register Here << This 2-day HOT Class is designed to get you back to the basics of firefighting. It consists of

Forge the Basics2023-01-29T10:21:25-08:00

Craft & Culture Conference

>> Register Here << Two days of great classes Fire Ground Considerations with Bobby Eckertt; The Mayday Mindset with Robert Ramirez; The

Craft & Culture Conference2023-01-29T10:17:33-08:00

BIB Trade School

>> Register Here << Day 1: Winning on the Fireground - This class is a deep dive into our mission and priorities.

BIB Trade School2023-01-29T10:01:20-08:00

Confined Space Rescue Technician

>> Register Here << This course is an intensive hands-on training program that will prepare you to respond to confined space emergencies. This course of instruction prepares the student in identifying confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces, the hazards associated with permit required confined spaces, target industries and hazards, state and federal regulations, components of a rescue operation, and the roles and responsibilities of the rescue team. PPE to bring: Wildland, rescue or structure helmet, wildland pant and coat, leather work gloves, steel toe boots, eye/ear protection, and drinking water.

Confined Space Rescue Technician2022-12-29T15:46:28-08:00

SFT Structural Collapse Specialist 1

>> Register Now << This course provides the skills and knowledge needed for the operations level structural collapse specialist to rescue victims from a collapsed light frame and URM construction-type structure; including size up, incident action plans, search, cribbing systems, lifting and moving heavy loads, stabilization, breaching, and rescue. PPE to bring: Wildland, rescue or structure helmet, wildland pant and coat, leather work gloves, steel toe boots, eye/ear protection, and drinking water.

SFT Structural Collapse Specialist 12022-12-29T15:44:43-08:00


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