SFT Driver Operator 1F (Water Tender)

>> Register Here << This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to perform preventive maintenance on and operate a water tender.

SFT Driver Operator 1F (Water Tender)2024-01-28T11:28:03-08:00

The Exponential Engine

>> Register Now << Students will learn a simple approach to planning for the first arrival fire attack.  Apparatus set up and spec will be given a comprehensive review. With multiple factors against us such as staffing, exponential fire growth, and changing fire conditions every department should be evaluating their attack package. Everything should be reviewed and discussed for potential improvement from the positive water source to the end of the nozzle. The three most common attack types will be reviewed heavily, which include the 1 3/4, the 2 1/2, and the deck gun.

The Exponential Engine2023-04-08T14:43:27-07:00

Driver Operator 1B

>> Register Here << This course provides information on pumping apparatus preventive maintenance and operations. Topics include routine tests, inspections, and servicing

Driver Operator 1B2022-11-30T08:46:12-08:00

SFT Driver Operator 1A

>> Register Here << This course provides information on fire apparatus preventive maintenance and driving/operating. Topics include routine tests, inspections, and servicing

SFT Driver Operator 1A2022-10-27T22:24:52-07:00

Engine Company Operations

>REGISTER HERE<< Day 1 Classroom UL Coordinated Fire Attack Study Day 2 Hands-On Know Your Flow Stretching for Success

Engine Company Operations2022-03-18T20:08:05-07:00

Amboy Fire School

>>REGISTER HERE<< Join us for our 12th Bi-Annual Fire Conference hosted in Amboy, IL.  This conference has been one of the best kept secrets in the midwest for decades.  We have excellent instructors from all over the United States, including Rick Lasky, Jeff Rothmeier, Nick Ledin, and local talents such as Joe Solcani, Jason Greer, and many more.

Amboy Fire School2022-03-18T20:10:41-07:00

Lake Effect Fire Conference

REGISTER HERE This second-annual Lake Effect Fire Conference is quite simply aligned with the mission of Fire Nuggets, and our newly formed

Lake Effect Fire Conference2022-01-19T09:50:19-08:00


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