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Driver Operator 1B

Woodland Fire Station 3 1550 Springlake Ct, Woodland, CA

>> Register Here << This course provides information on pumping apparatus preventive maintenance and operations. Topics include routine tests, inspections, and servicing

S-404 Incident Safety Officer

Berkeley Fire Department 997 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA

>> Register Here << This course is designed to meet the training needs of a Safety Officer Type 1 (SOF1), Safety Officer Type 2 (SOF2), and Line Safety Officer (SOFR) on an incident as outlined in the NIMS: Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide, PMS 310-1, and the position taskbook developed for the position

Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting

South Adams County Fire Training Center 10705 Fulton St, Brighton, CO

>> Register Here << In this program we discuss practical application of command and control principles. We will cover the essential duties of chief/command officers in preparing their department and crews before the fire and leading them on the fireground. Our objective is to provide a systematic process of how to effectively organize and manage a safe and aggressive fireground – starting with receipt of the alarm through termination of the incident. It is designed to assist departments in growing and improving their fireground command operations, and in further preparing current and future officers to safely and effectively command emergency operations. This training course will also support the participation of neighboring response partners to enhance interoperability between agencies and foster continued growth of a common operating model. The concepts discussed in these programs are compliant with NIMS and NFPA 1561, yet focus on “street smart”, practical, and simplistic implementation of these standards.

Phoenix Firefighters Symposium

Hyatt Regency Phoenix 122 N 2nd St, AZ

>> Register Here << The Phoenix Firefighters Symposium is a two-day lecture style symposium featuring some of the best speakers from around

Confined Space Rescue Technician

2409 Dean Street, McClellan Ca 94562 2409 Dean Street, McClellan, CA

>> Register Here << This course is an intensive hands-on training program that will prepare you to respond to confined space emergencies. This course of instruction prepares the student in identifying confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces, the hazards associated with permit required confined spaces, target industries and hazards, state and federal regulations, components of a rescue operation, and the roles and responsibilities of the rescue team. PPE to bring: Wildland, rescue or structure helmet, wildland pant and coat, leather work gloves, steel toe boots, eye/ear protection, and drinking water.

S404 Safety Officer

Dixon Fire Training Facility 205 Ford Way, Dixon, Dixon, CA

>>REGISTER HERE<< This course is designed to meet the training needs of the Line Safety Officer position in the incident command system.

The Nozzle Forward

SAFD Training Academy 300 S. Callaghan Rd., San Antonio, TX

>> Register Here << This two day class will integrate the three major components of engine company work; fire behavior, hose management, and

Bay Area Firefighter’s Conference

Santa Rosa, CA

  >>Register Here<< Coordinated Ventilation, Nick Papa Truck Tactics, Nick Esposito Fireground Leadership, Mickey Conboy, Ed Thomas, John Fenzel, Tony Smerdel Lessons

Mental Health and PTSD Workshop

Shoreline Chuch 2500 Garden Rd, Monterey, CA

>> Register Here << Purchased tickets include a continental breakfast and catered barbecue lunch. Every purchased ticket will enter you into a drawing to win merchandise from,

The Treasure Valley F.O.O.L.S present: March Mayhem

Steuckle Sky Center - Skyline Room 1910 W University Dr, Boise, ID

>>Register Here<< Coordinated Ventilation, Nick Papa Safety & Training From Lessons Learned, Kevin Shea Cruel Intentions, Kyle Romagus The Fundamentals of a

The Nozzle Forward

Fire Training Center 11 Gerty Dr, Champaign, IL

>> Register Here << This two day class will integrate the three major components of engine company work; fire behavior, hose management, and fire attack. The one thing that every fire department in the country has is fire hose.  The one event that happens on every single fire is a hose-line gets pulled and water gets flowed. The Nozzle Forward is a class for engine company crews.  It is not a collection of technique; it is an adaptable system of hose line management and fire attack.  It is focused around fighting fire, interior offensive firefighting, aggressive firefighting, for which we will never apologize.   Aggressive firefighting is not the problem, it is the solution. The goal of the “The Nozzle Forward” is to help craft more efficient Engine Companies by increasing the individuals’ competency with their tools and expanding on the conceptual aspects of the fire environment.

SFT Structural Collapse Specialist 1

2409 Dean Street, McClellan Ca 94562 2409 Dean Street, McClellan, CA

>> Register Now << This course provides the skills and knowledge needed for the operations level structural collapse specialist to rescue victims from a collapsed light frame and URM construction-type structure; including size up, incident action plans, search, cribbing systems, lifting and moving heavy loads, stabilization, breaching, and rescue. PPE to bring: Wildland, rescue or structure helmet, wildland pant and coat, leather work gloves, steel toe boots, eye/ear protection, and drinking water.

Ridin’ The Right Seat Conference

Centennial Hotel 303 W North River Dr, Spokane, WA

>>Register Here << Peer Support, Chief Dena Ali - Raleigh, NC The Functional Fire Company, Chief Scott Thompson - The Colony, TX

SFT Structural Collapse Specialist 2

2409 Dean Street, McClellan Ca 94562 2409 Dean Street, McClellan, CA

>> Register Now << This course provides the skills and knowledge needed for the technician-level structural collapse specialist to rescue victims from a collapsed heavy construction-type structure; including size up, incident action plans, search, cribbing systems, lifting and moving heavy loads, stabilization, breaching, and rescue. Prerequisites: Structural Collapse Specialist 1 or Rescue Systems 2 PPE to bring: Wildland, rescue or structure helmet, wildland pant and coat, leather work gloves, steel toe boots, eye/ear protection, and drinking water.


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