Hydrants 2 Nozzles

>>REGISTER HERE<< A detailed look at engine layout, equipment spec (pumps/hose/nozzles) hydraulics and it's direct impact on strategies and tactics on the fire ground. Students will build a strong foundation for successes and be better prepared to make strategic and tactics decisions on the fire ground. “The best class on simplified hydraulics that we have ever seen.” Dennis has a wealth of information and he will reignite your passion for all things supply and attack! Bring a notebook!

Hydrants 2 Nozzles2022-05-09T19:29:37-07:00

Mountain West Fire Conference

Journey to Pocatello, Idaho the Gateway to the Northwest to better your craft and build camaraderie with your fellow firefighters from across

Mountain West Fire Conference2022-01-06T04:42:39-08:00

The Nozzle Forward

The one thing that every fire department in the country has is fire hose.  The one event that happens on every single fire

The Nozzle Forward2022-01-06T04:41:24-08:00


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