Coordinating Ventilation

>> Register Here << This class examines ventilation and its relationship with fire dynamics, fireground operations, and victim survivability. A set of guiding principles and practices, serving as a universal framework, is provided to streamline decision-making and improve operational effectiveness and efficiency. Participants will leave with a practical understanding of ventilation and the methodology for coordinating it with fire attack and search, so you can make the right call for YOUR fireground.

Coordinating Ventilation2023-04-27T07:42:22-07:00

Shoreline Truck Academy

>> Register Here << The SHORELINE TRUCK ACADEMY is a five day (40 hour) physically demanding course designed for experienced firefighters to

Shoreline Truck Academy2023-02-16T16:21:42-08:00

Forge the Basics

>> Register Here << This 2-day HOT Class is designed to get you back to the basics of firefighting. It consists of

Forge the Basics2023-01-29T10:21:25-08:00

Engine Company Operations

>REGISTER HERE<< Day 1 Classroom UL Coordinated Fire Attack Study Day 2 Hands-On Know Your Flow Stretching for Success

Engine Company Operations2022-03-18T20:08:05-07:00

Amboy Fire School

>>REGISTER HERE<< Join us for our 12th Bi-Annual Fire Conference hosted in Amboy, IL.  This conference has been one of the best kept secrets in the midwest for decades.  We have excellent instructors from all over the United States, including Rick Lasky, Jeff Rothmeier, Nick Ledin, and local talents such as Joe Solcani, Jason Greer, and many more.

Amboy Fire School2022-03-18T20:10:41-07:00

Mile High Firefighter’s Conference

>>REGISTER HERE<< Welcome to MHFC 2022! Whether you’re a first time student, or a returning one, we’ve got some exciting updates to our conference this year, so please read on.  Our event this fall will begin with our Pre-Conference Officer-Development Series.  This full-day event will take place at our host hotel and will showcase two classrooms of presentations that run side by side.  You’ll have the opportunity to pick the presentations that interest you most. The following day we’ll kick off our conference with our Keynote Lecture Series! Three powerful presentations, along with merchandise sales will take place in the grand ballroom! The following two days consist of hands-on-training at various sites around the Denver area.  As the student, you can pick which days, and which classes you’d like to attend, but keep in mind we offer discounts for full conference registrations.  Thank you for registering and we look forward to learning alongside all of you this fall!

Mile High Firefighter’s Conference2022-03-18T20:01:29-07:00

High Plains Fire Conference

>>REGISTER HERE<< Casper Wyoming... A place known well as "The Oil City". In May, firefighters will all descend on Casper for the

High Plains Fire Conference2024-04-03T16:33:18-07:00

Lake Effect Fire Conference

REGISTER HERE This second-annual Lake Effect Fire Conference is quite simply aligned with the mission of Fire Nuggets, and our newly formed

Lake Effect Fire Conference2022-01-19T09:50:19-08:00


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