Midwest Area Fire Academy

This conference lies at the intersection of passion and pride. MAFA brings lots of great hands-on training to the Aurora (IL) area.

Midwest Area Fire Academy2021-04-06T20:19:00-07:00

SEARCH: Beyond The Textbooks

This course will provide actionable insights to the most important task on the fireground.  The two instructors will highlight everything from the sizeup

SEARCH: Beyond The Textbooks2021-06-23T19:32:11-07:00

The FireNuggets Search School

The Mission..  It's the mission of the fire service to save lives.  Search is one of those skills that's ever so vital

The FireNuggets Search School2021-03-14T07:27:29-07:00

The Search

The Search.  The first part of the mission to the fire service is to save lives.  This should be one of the

The Search2021-04-06T20:16:47-07:00

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